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Sick: Woman Raped 2-Year-Old Boy, Then Sent Photos to Perv Cop

Sick: Woman Raped 2-Year-Old Boy, Then Sent Photos to Perv Cop

A New York woman has been charged with raping a toddler and sending photos to a NYPD sergeant charged with child pornography.

On Wednesday, 37-year-old Leigh Anne Marcini was arraigned on charges of rape, involuntary sexual intercourse with a child, filming sexual acts with a child, corruption of a minor, using a computer to commit a felony, indecent assault, and two counts of sexual abuse of a child.

Police say Marcini exchanged hundreds of text with Sgt. Alberto Randazzo in 2012 about sending him photographs of her abusing a child.

In February 2013, Randazzo’s home was raided by Homeland Security and agents found “numerous” child pornography videos, including a video in which the cop directs a woman as she abused her infant.

Randazzo was charged in 2013 and was arrested again in 2014 for downloading child pornography while out on bail.

Investigators raided his home again in May and found 722 messages between Marcini and Randazzo, including one in which the cop tells her he has a “mother/son thing.”

“You are a sick woman,” Randazzo wrote in another message. “But I’m so curious you will have a chance to show me what you do.”

Police searched Marcini’s home on Tuesday and arrested her.

Marcini admitted to having a relationship with Randazzo in 2012.

She was released from custody after posting $75,000 bail.

Image credit: York County Prison

Child Abuse