‘They Didn’t Learn’: Horrible Teens Who Made Special Needs Kids Drink Urine Also Bullied Elderly Woman

‘They Didn’t Learn’: Horrible Teens Who Made Special Needs Kids Drink Urine Also Bullied Elderly Woman

A horrible trio of high schoolers bullied a special needs classmate by forcing him to drink urine from a toilet while holding his crotch and exposing his genitals.

The incident took place recently at Greece Athena High School in upstate New York and the bullies posted the video to Snapchat, which eventually led to authorities learning about the mean episode.

Authorities have been mum about the exact details of what happened in the high school bathroom and have not released the names of kids involved, all who have been suspended from school and could face expulsion.

However, Angela Fernandez, one of the moms, said her son is not the monster people have made him out to be and that the special needs kid volunteered to drink his own pee.

“He said, ‘Hey guys– do you wanna see me drink my own urine?’ But he said the p word instead.” Fernandez said.

She admits, though, that her son and his friend filmed the whole thing.

“And they said– ‘Well I’m getting this on film if you’re gonna do that.’ He said “Okay,” and the young man literally waited- ‘Are you ready?’ They said, ‘Okay. Yeah go.’ And they all walked out of the bathroom together, laughing.”

While Ms. Fernandez is painting the boys as good boys who made a “bad decision” one of the boys’ other victims has spoken out suggesting the boys have been mean for a long time.

In 2012, Karen Klein was the bus monitor on the middle school bus, when she was taunted to the point of tears by the at least one of the same boys who humiliated the special needs classmate.

In the hard to watch video (above), Mrs. Klein wipes aways tears while the boys berate her, at one point telling her, “If I stabbed you in the stomach, my knife would f***** go through like butter, because it’s all f***** lard.”

After the video went viral, the boys were forced to apologize to Mrs. Klein, but they obviously did not learn a thing.

“They didn’t learn any lessons from the other ordeal. I don’t think they ever will,” said Klein.

“Why did you do that, what possessed you to be so mean. And now with this it is really obscene what they did, and it is like it is progressing rather that regressing.”

Ms. Fernandez’s son is facing a felony charge for recording the incident. The other boys are facing misdemeanors for their abusive behavior to their classmate.

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