Sick: Ohio Mom Arrested for ‘Brutally Decapitating’ Her 3-Month-Old Daughter

Sick: Ohio Mom Arrested for ‘Brutally Decapitating’ Her 3-Month-Old Daughter


A young mother from Ohio has been arrested for decapitating her 3-month-old daughter after police found the infant’s body on Monday morning.

Deasia Watkins, 20, was suffering from post-partum depression, according to family members.

Police charged Watkins with aggravated murder, saying the baby, named Janiyah, was murdered by “homicidal violence.” Fox19 reported that the infant’s head had been severed from the body. An autopsy revealed that the infant was also stabbed in the face and had a broken right arm.

Watkins’ aunt, Caretha White, says that Hamilton Family Services failed the baby for leaving the infant in Watkins custody knowing that she had been suffering from depression since the baby’s birth in December.

The baby’s father said the mother was “acting crazy… speaking of demons,” according to

A judge ordered family services to take the baby away from Watkins after she was hospitalized on March 6 with psychiatric problems. A relative took custody of the baby and Watkins was told not to have any contact with the child.

That incident was not the first problem Watkins had with the new child, as police were called to her apartment on January 25 where they found the newborn baby crying and her mother screaming. Watkins smelled like marijuana as she refused to hand over the baby.

It is unclear how Watkins regained custody of the child, but prosecutor Joe Deters told media members at a press conference Tuesday that he believed the department of family services had done their jobs.

Watkins was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and has been diagnosed with post-partum psychosis. Police continue to investigate the murder. They are currently unsure if Watkins lived at the crime scene, as her address is listed at a home 10 miles away.

Image credit: ABC 13 (Deasia Watkins)